Personal Summary

A long time ago, my father purchased a JTT ADAX computer with a Celeron 400 MHz processor and 128 MB RAM. That computer introduced me to countless hours of building cities and battling monsters.
Playing games was incredibly entertaining, making me feel like a hero. But after a while, I noticed a pattern. My actions in the games were becoming repetitive, and I was just doing similar things over and over.
Then it hit me:
Why not automate it? I could still be an in-game hero and I could do this for multiple games on multiple accounts. Even have them cooperate. The possibilities seemed exponential!
At 17, I wrote my first bot for a game called Lineage II. I was so proud of it that I decided to kick-start my professional journey in the tech world.

Areas of Competence

I thrive in areas that require analysis, automation, and scaling up. Whether it's laying the groundwork for a SaaS-oriented company or offering experience-backed advice on product direction.


Scaled up the SaaS company from 50 to over 2000 paying companies in 4 years, IPO-pending

Delivered market-ready SaaS product in 1.5 months, generates revenue since then

Optimized EliteCompetitions website to handle 30'000 request/min during UK's Dragon's Den TV broadcast on 2nd Dec 2018



Dec 2018 - Nov 2019

Team leading, later, team building for a SaaS startup to drive sales for small to medium e–commerce shops such as Shopify or WooCommerce.


Sep 2014 – Oct 2018

I scaled the company SaaS wise and technology–wise from 50 paying companies to over 2000 in 4 years. I took major part in team assembly, training and nurturing. At peak, I was managing 2 SCRUM teams of 6 people each. TimeCamp went through major reorganization due to my input. The company is going to IPO in 2019. Tech: PHP, CodeIgniter, MySQL, Angular 1, nginx, docker and others


R&D project in TimeCamp

I am the inventor behind the idea of combining Trello and Slack. I Assembled the team and delivered the project within 2 months. It Has 200 daily online users at peak and is steadily rising. Tech: React, Redux, Node, docker and others

TimeCamp 3

failed rewrite of TimeCamp to highly scalable architecture

The project failed because of constant requirement changes, inflated scalability requirements and lack of proper project management. I learned on what not to do when rewriting large codebases. The project also showed me how poor management may lead to never–ending development and “CV–building”. Tech: NoSQL, Couchbase, Sync Gateway, PouchDb, Blip, PHP, docker–swarm



  • JavaScript for server and for web
  • React with all the tooling around it
  • WebAPIs
  • SOLID design principles
  • functional programming (FP)
  • reactive functional programming (RFP)


  • Relational databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • NO-SQL databases (PouchDb, CouchBase)




I developed an open source Chrome Extension which automatically loads next page of Google SERP, forum or other board when you reach end of the page. 1000+ weekly active users as of Apr 2020.

external link symbol Chrome Web Store

ESCP university masters tutor

London, 2018

Internet of Things


Manchester, 2015

I created Student Attendance Monitoring System for University of Manchester; School of Materials

Raspberry PI C# electronics

The Blackboard Crawler

Manchester, 2012

I made a Python script which crawls the University of Manchester student portal and downloads all course materials to disk for fast offline access. Was used by ~70% of my course peers, ~110 downloads/release.

Python BeautifulSoup



I created fullstack web application with user panel. A Patient can view their results as they get accepted. The biggest challenge was to synchronize data between legacy database format DBF and SQL Compact Edition under unrealiable network connection.

ASP.NET MVC Microsoft Excel SQL Compact Edition Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel

Value Based Advisors


Client – server application for batch loading Excel spreadsheets. The client, an Excel Add-In, configures input format. The program saves time by automatically transfering data from user's spreadsheet into database. Developed for Polish National Rails

Pre–ETL C# Windows Forms Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel


The University of Manchester

BEng with honors, 2011 to 2015

Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering


Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.

~ Steve Jobs