Ciborski's guide to remote Debian installation over SSH

TL;DR: give me the ISO

debian-9.6.0-amd64-netinst-over-ssh.iso (291M) - remastered USB compatible version of Debian 9 ISO. Ready to flash to your USB. UEFI and BIOS compatible

  1. Flash the ISO to USB
  2. Plug USB to target computer and reboot
  3. Wait for 2 mins and check for the remote computer IP address
  4. SSH to the IP with user installer, password root


terminal ssh view

ssh debian installation

Instructions unclear, dick stuck in microwave

Seriously, Debian guides on the web are misleading and outdated

What did work

Proper guide on how to do this

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Inspired by the geniuses behind and Edward Morbius's motherfucking website.